Catalog & Brochure
Alternator (PDF File)

Mitsubishi Alternator Parts Catalog

Pulley Catalog (Solid, OAP, OAD, COG Type)
SRE Cover-Alternator Insulator-Battery Terminal
Delco CS130 Parts Catalog

Denso Hair Pin Parts Catalog
Rectifier Repair Kit for Denso Hair Pin Alternators
Bosch Water Cool Alternator Parts

Delco, Hitachi, Valeo Water Cool Parts Catalog


     Starter Parts Catalog
(PDF File)

  BG-S005 Switch Terminal, Relay Terminal & Terminal Block Apr/2017
  BG-S006 Denso OSGR Insulator & Extension Parts 313KB
  BG-S007 Harley-Davidson Denso Starter and Component Parts 1.76MB
  BG-S003 Components Parts for CHEVY RACE CAR STARTER 434KB
    Starter Commutator End Frame 531.21KB
    Starter Terminal Boot, Drain Tube, Grommet 501.07KB
    Starter Insulator-Battery & Motor Terminal 162.72KB
    Switch Terminal, Terminal Extension & Connector Aug2016
    Mitsuba New PMGR Starter Parts Catalog May/2018
    Denso OSGR Light Duty Parts DE, CE, Solenoid, Drive Parts Catalog 4.26MB
    Denso OSGR 18273 Parts & Unit Catalog 610KB
    Denso PMGR & NEW PMGR Starter Parts & Unit Mar/2018
    Denso PLGR Starter Parts Catalog May/2018
    Denso OSGR Heavy Duty Parts Catalog Aug/2016
    Hitachi OSGR CS Housing for Thermo King & Others 320KB
    Hitachi Starter Component Parts Catalog July/2017
    Delco 28MT Parts catalog July/2017
  BG-PA90-2018 Denso PA90 Unit & Parts Catalog April/2018

Catalog (PDF File)


Hardware Catalog


    Denso Hair Pin Rectifier Repair Parts 126KB


     Alternator Unit Catalog (PDF File)

    Denso Industrial 70-150 Amp Replacement Alternator 298KB
    Denso 93mm Type Alternator for Industrial use 546KB
    Denso Alternator for Rigmaster APU System 65.5KB


     Starter Unit Catalog (PDF File)

    Mitsuba SM302, 402, 422, 442 Series Starters 533KB
    Denso OSGR Replacement to R5 & R8 on Road Starters 331KB
    Denso OSGR Replacement to Diesel Engine Starters 418KB
    Starter for Commercial Bus and School Bus 704KB
    Harley Starter Replacement Unit 235KB
    Isuzu Medium Truck-Denso OSGR Type Replacement 150KB
    Denso OSGR Industrial High Reach Replacement Starters 369KB
    Mitsuba PMGR Starters


    Denso OSGR Heavy Duty Unit Catalog


    Ford PMGR Parts & Unit Catalog


    Denso OSGR for Carrier Transicold & Thermo King


    Motorcycler Unit for Alternator & Starters


    Hino Truck-Denso OSGR Starter

9/2016 update

    Denso NEW PMGR & PMOSGR Starters


    Denso OSGR for Yanmar Engine


    Denso OSGR 16990 Type Starters


    Denso OSGR 16608 Replacement Starters


    Denso OSGR Replace to Mitsuba SM302-26


    Industrial DD &OSGR Starter Unit Dec/2017